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well it's the weekend again and ... again i'm in another amazing… - don't question why she needs to be so free [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 3rd, 2006|07:44 pm]
[mood |ecstaticamazing]
[music |tom petty]

well it's the weekend again and ... again i'm in another amazing mood. i haven't been upset for a long time, since everybody knows now me and adam broke up a little over a month ago because we both did some stupid shit but i guess you could say we're working through it and we're always gonna be very good friends. who knows what will happen, i love him as much as you can love a person and that won't ever change, he's a wonderful person<3 other than that i've been staying at greg and devin's almost every day of my life because thats just where all of my friends are constantly and it's awesome to know we all can hang out 24/7. i love it. their house is always so much fun and i couldn't ask for a better time with all my friends in one house, doing what we do best... obviously. [party party] i'm soo looking forward to prom, i don't care how far away it is. may 6! i'm so excited to get dressed up and go dancing with my friends, which is also why i can't wait to be 18. i'm going to be out dancing every night possible, i can't wait. 9 more months! i'm back to working at plantation pretty much "full time" again, and i got 2 raises so that's pretty awesome. i love all the people that work there, even though the job sucks more than any other job i could ever manage to get, it ends up being fun most of the time. chris wrenn turned 18 and got the most AMAZING car ever and i'm more jealous than anyone. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTOPHERRRR! :] i'm failing basically every class, but i'm trying to fix that a little at a time. me and milas aren't talking very much any more and it bothers me a lot cuz we were such good friends when we started hanging out but, i guess there's only so much i can do. i'm trying. i know i must of done something to upset him but, i don't know what it is. louisa was sick with the flu and i missed her so much while she couldn't go out, it was awful. but she's all live and well again and we are going to party twice as hard tonight, starting in about an hour actually. i need to go shower and then retrieve an amazing metric cd ashley made for me. then i'm off to devin's for the night. for a wonderful night, for that matter. i love the weekends.