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twistin'.. twistin'.. everybody's doin' great [Apr. 4th, 2006|09:33 pm]
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |rod stewart]

oh man, you oughta seen her go, twistin' to the rock n' roll.

welllll i just dropped devin off cuz i brought him home from work and now i'm really bored as usual. going back to school has sucked a lot but me and louisa turned in little papers today to make sure mr ritchie will approve our prom dates and i'm so excited. i can't wait til prom, i don't really like anyone at our school but i just can't wait to get dressed up and go dancing. i'm soooo happy! wahdsa;fuwoie yes. yesterday i was like really sick so donnie let me off of work even though i kinda wanted to work cuz ashley was working, but she does every day, i love beantown. anyway so i just went and took a nap with devin haha...and i have to work thursday and i'm assuming friday and maybe saturday during the day so that will be nice. and we get payed again on friday!! haha i love having money again. me and louisa went shopping the other day at the mall and she drove cuz she got her liscence!! yay louisa. haha and i saw ice age 2 with devin kyle and greg and it was awesome. it's so cute. man i'm so bored i don't know what to do with myself. AHH i finally got my car back and i love it haha even though it's falling apart, good ol brian is doing great, except sometimes the door gets jammed and won't open so we have to figure that out but other than having to dukes of hazard it occationally it's working wonderful. i have so much homework to do but i have a feeling thats not going to happen, i'm too lazy. so i figure i'm going to have like 3 f's and a couple d's and c's. suckyyy i have to do a lot better 4th quarter or my life will be over cuz if i have to be a junior again i'll kill myself. no joke. ayyeee. i don't have to work tomorrow so i think i might hang out with devin after he plays basketballllllll yeah yeah well i'm gonna go get some ice cream and watch tvvv. later kiddos***
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don't you love her as she's walkin' out the door. [Mar. 30th, 2006|06:41 pm]
[music |the doors]

well well, i just got payed from plantation, probably my last check. andddd i get payed at beantown tomorrow!! yeahyeah! i love working at beantown now it's awesome. i'm gettin ready to go out to applebees with greg and kyle in a little bit but i'm not going to eat a lot cuz i'm goin to get chinese with devin when he gets off :] ashley had to work tonight, i wish i was working so had something to do until devin gets off but, i have to work tomorrow so thats cool. me and devin watched starwars 1-3 in the last couple days, it was awesome. hahah. i'm so bored. spring break has been awesome though, i can't wait for louisa to get home though, i miss her. :[ i wish i had money to go visit her. and i better get my car back soon or i'm gonna flip a shit. ok well time to hit it. later kiddos.
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(no subject) [Mar. 26th, 2006|05:10 pm]
[mood |mischievousmischievous]
[music |david bowieee]

soooo i'm working at beantown tavern now, with ashley and it kicks major ass. i think i might possibly be fired from the plant because i didn't show up two nights in a row cuz i was working beantown. but i really don't care... haha i love this new resturant so whatev. ahh friday was the start of spring break and it's the best thing that's happened to me since the last time we had school off... coincidence, nah. just because my school sucks major asshole, that's all. every chance i get away from it is heavensent. haha oh lord. anyways, i've stayed at devin's the past like...3 nights and i saw v for vendetta with him, louisa, and brian, and it was awesome!! i loved it. uhh and also i wanna see like every movie that's coming out now, they all look good. haha uhhh my car's in the shop and i should have it back by wednesday :] it would of been sooner but they ordered the wrong door, so they had to RE-order it. lame. i've been driving my mom's car and it SUCKS! haha i hate it. i need to find out when i'm working next at beantown, i'm exciteddd! and i really need to take a shower. i want to go to the carnival at the mall tonight, so if you want to go then tell me :]] i'm so bored right now, i contemplated shaving my head. that's pretty shitty so entertain me or something. later kiddos*
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commited, forever. [Mar. 22nd, 2006|09:13 pm]
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |tigra and bunny, once more.]

the further you read. the better it gets. let me tell you.......

badphish188: hey
MalibuBabyDoLL09: what up babylove
badphish188: i just got finished meditating:-)
badphish188: hahaha
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hahahah
MalibuBabyDoLL09: nice
badphish188: ive been doing it every night
badphish188: it makes me feel so much better
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hahaha good:-)
badphish188: working out and dieting has actually made me feel a lot better
badphish188: like i just feel more energized and happy
badphish188: haha
MalibuBabyDoLL09: aw i'm glad
badphish188: :-)
badphish188: i love work
badphish188: hahaha
badphish188: its the perfect job for me
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hahaha aww good:-D:-D:-Dyay im excited
badphish188: i hope i can work friday night
badphish188: they have live music thursday-sunday
badphish188: nights
MalibuBabyDoLL09: me too!
MalibuBabyDoLL09: WHAT
MalibuBabyDoLL09: :-)
badphish188: haha yeha
badphish188: i mean i dont know what kind
MalibuBabyDoLL09: haha
badphish188: but itll be fun regaurdless
MalibuBabyDoLL09: yayayayay
MalibuBabyDoLL09: we can dance
badphish188: haha well im pretty sure itll be packed
badphish188: but sure
badphish188: hahaha
badphish188: because this guy came in today and was like ive been advertising, so expect a huge crowd this weekend~
badphish188: and i was like oh... good good..
badphish188: haha
badphish188: i think i just want to stick with hostessing though
badphish188: im afraid
MalibuBabyDoLL09: haha
badphish188: it was so packed today,i wouldnt have been able to handle it
MalibuBabyDoLL09: i wanna be a hostess too...i mean ive been ablet o handle plant for a while but hostess would be a nice switch you know
badphish188: oh, all the servers i saw today had on kakhis and black shirts
badphish188: yeah
MalibuBabyDoLL09: shit so i need kakhis
MalibuBabyDoLL09: what shoes did you wear
badphish188: no, i mean im sure you can just wear black pants and a cute white shirt or something
badphish188: my brown ones
MalibuBabyDoLL09: which brown ones
badphish188: hahahaha sorry all my shoes are brown
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hahaha
badphish188: the dark brown "birkenstocks"
badphish188: haha
MalibuBabyDoLL09: haha i need to figure out what shoes i should wear
MalibuBabyDoLL09: :-\
MalibuBabyDoLL09: do we have bus boys there?
badphish188: but thats because i just stand there
MalibuBabyDoLL09: or do we have to bus our own tables
badphish188: they were busing their own, but that was during the day
MalibuBabyDoLL09: will you see what kind of shoes they all have
MalibuBabyDoLL09: haha
badphish188: black sneakers
MalibuBabyDoLL09: oh cool so i can wear my reeboks from plant??
badphish188: yeah
MalibuBabyDoLL09: nooooice
badphish188: haha
badphish188: today everyone kept calling me baby because i was the youngest
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hahaha awww
badphish188: he said everyone in the day have nick names
badphish188: hahaha
badphish188: the bartender is hook
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hold on i need to grab my cds out of the car dont move
badphish188: his real name is phil
badphish188: hahaha
badphish188: ok
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hahahaha hOOK
MalibuBabyDoLL09: thats awesome
badphish188: haha i know
badphish188: theyre so nice there, i love them
badphish188: haha
badphish188: ok i have to dry my hair, ill be back
badphish188 is away at 8:07:05 PM.
MalibuBabyDoLL09: come back come back
Auto response from badphish188: "come on home, girl" he said with a smile
"you don't have to love me and
let's get high awhile
but try to understand
try to understand
try, try, try to understand
i'm a magic man."

MalibuBabyDoLL09: haha more talky talky
MalibuBabyDoLL09: YESSSSSSS:-D:-D:-D
badphish188 returned at 8:27:44 PM.
badphish188: man im really afraid of them hiring another hostess dude
badphish188: they still have the sign up
badphish188: i was thinking about that today because my mom says i have to get at least 30-35 hours
MalibuBabyDoLL09: ahah so you have a job theyre not going to fire you
badphish188: yeah but if they hire another girl itll cut my hours
badphish188: haha well if that happens you and i will take care of her
badphish188: right>:o
badphish188: hahaha
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hahahaha
MalibuBabyDoLL09: right
badphish188: good good
badphish188: someone will have an extra meaty sandwhich one day
badphish188: O:-)
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hahahahahahaha
badphish188: hahahaha
badphish188: i like think of killing hostesses and feeding them to the customers
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hahahha
badphish188: im not crazy
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hahhahaha
badphish188: i just like my job
badphish188: hahahaha
MalibuBabyDoLL09: i believe you......:-\
badphish188: hahahaha
MalibuBabyDoLL09: i have something for you
MalibuBabyDoLL09: ready?
badphish188: yes
MalibuBabyDoLL09: here goes nothin
MalibuBabyDoLL09: and i can do the freak
badphish188: hahaha
MalibuBabyDoLL09: i can do the robo cop
MalibuBabyDoLL09: i can do the fred hmmm...?
MalibuBabyDoLL09: i cannot do the smurf
badphish188: awww good
MalibuBabyDoLL09: and i can hate your girl.... ic an tell you that shes real pretty
badphish188: <333
MalibuBabyDoLL09: i can take my cltohes off
MalibuBabyDoLL09: i cannot fall in love
MalibuBabyDoLL09: and i can do the freakkkk
MalibuBabyDoLL09: i can do the robo cop
badphish188: hahaha thats your life story
MalibuBabyDoLL09: i can do the ......
MalibuBabyDoLL09: i cannot do the smurf
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hahahahahahaha
badphish188: :-)
badphish188: man my skin feels amazing
badphish188: i made an oatmeal mask
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hahahahahahaha
badphish188: and i looked like the swamp monster
badphish188: my mom jumped when she saw me with it on
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hahahahahahhahahaha
badphish188: hahahahahah
badphish188: and paddington wouldnt stop barking at me
badphish188: and i was meditating while i had it on and paddington kept trying to eat it off my face
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hahahahahaha
MalibuBabyDoLL09: im crying
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hahahahaha
badphish188: hahahaha
badphish188: god, where the fuck is my dinner
badphish188: my mom said it would be ready 15 minutes ago
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hahahahahahahahahaa
badphish188: im getting impatient, i havent eaten since 2
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hahahahahah
badphish188: good, im doing awesome
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hahahaha
badphish188: were eating a healthy dinner you bitch
badphish188: hahahaha
badphish188: i think thats why im even angier
badphish188: because im waiting all this time for a non fat salad and spinich pie
badphish188: hahahaha
MalibuBabyDoLL09: ajahahahahahhahahaha
badphish188: hahahaha
badphish188: and water
badphish188: YEAH
badphish188: ME
badphish188: *MMM
badphish188: hahhaha
MalibuBabyDoLL09: SHIT MAN
badphish188: hahhahaha
badphish188: yeaaaaah
MalibuBabyDoLL09: STOP
badphish188: WAIT
badphish188: im supposed to do the other part>:o
badphish188: hahahahaha
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hahahahahahaha
MalibuBabyDoLL09: ok ok hold on
badphish188: its an interactive song
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hahahahahaha
badphish188: no no, now you have to wait you bitch
MalibuBabyDoLL09: when low and behold there appeared a mirage
MalibuBabyDoLL09: he was hooking up a car in his daddys garage
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hahahaha I LOVE THIS SONG
MalibuBabyDoLL09: thank you bunny
MalibuBabyDoLL09: were tigra
MalibuBabyDoLL09: what the fuck ashley
MalibuBabyDoLL09: i waited far to long
MalibuBabyDoLL09: the songs over
badphish188: hahaha
badphish188: i was checking on my shit poe
badphish188: *pie
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hahahahahahahah
MalibuBabyDoLL09: so thats what your eatin gon this diet
MalibuBabyDoLL09: no wonder your so gaseous
badphish188: hahahaha
badphish188: its the first different thing ive had in weeks
MalibuBabyDoLL09: well let me tell you
badphish188: its always, special k in the morning, salad in the afternoon, and my frozen low fat pizza at night
MalibuBabyDoLL09: since your started eating healthy ive been eating more disgusting than ever because i feel bad about myself
badphish188: hahahaahhaha
MalibuBabyDoLL09: and now i'm 87,000 lbs heavier
MalibuBabyDoLL09: so you know what
MalibuBabyDoLL09: FUCK YOU
badphish188: hahahahahaha
badphish188: you dont look it
badphish188: you and kyle motivate me to work out actually
MalibuBabyDoLL09: i hope there's extra fat on your lettuce
badphish188: hahahahaha
MalibuBabyDoLL09: you heard me
MalibuBabyDoLL09: you know what i had today
badphish188: sdojfhslkhdsfg
badphish188: BITCH
badphish188: i went to kristophers after work with my mom and i wanted chicken fingers so bad
badphish188: but i got a salad
badphish188: hahaha
MalibuBabyDoLL09: MMMMM
badphish188: hahahahahahahahahahahah
badphish188: im dying
badphish188: hahahaha
badphish188: i love you
badphish188: so much
badphish188: hahahahaha
badphish188: hahahahha
badphish188: VICTORY IS YOURS!
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hahahahahahahaha
badphish188: i bow down, you are officially
MalibuBabyDoLL09: i'm about to shit my pants i'm so excited about eating those leftovers
badphish188: king
badphish188:  hahaha
badphish188: yeah im gonna go eat my rabbit food now
badphish188: mmmm
MalibuBabyDoLL09: or maybe its just from when i ate them before
MalibuBabyDoLL09: or maybe a little of both
MalibuBabyDoLL09: who can tell
badphish188: hahaha
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hurry up rabbit, we need to chat
MalibuBabyDoLL09: about what i'll be having for desert
badphish188: mmm and im gonna have a nice big glass of water too
badphish188: hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhaha
badphish188: im gonna pee my pants
badphish188: hahahhah
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hahahahahah
badphish188: ok ill be back in like 15 minutes
badphish188: TOPS
badphish188: hahaha
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hahahahah i know you will cuz your not eating real food
MalibuBabyDoLL09: BUNNY
MalibuBabyDoLL09: haha the name fits even more better now
MalibuBabyDoLL09: yeah i said more better
badphish188: hahaha yeah
badphish188: hahahahahahhaa
badphish188: i wasnt even going to say anything when i read that
badphish188: thats what i nice person i am
MalibuBabyDoLL09: hahahahaha WELL I SAID IT FOR YOU
MalibuBabyDoLL09: you know you wanted to deep down
MalibuBabyDoLL09: go eat your carrots
badphish188: hahahah ok
MalibuBabyDoLL09: check it

always always always. yeah baby.

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(no subject) [Mar. 20th, 2006|08:47 pm]
[mood |pleasedpleased]
[music |johnny thunders]

happy 17th birthday kyle elizabeth scott, i love you :]

so this weekend was amazing, friday night i went over to kyle's after i worked and hung out with her and ashley and we danced and drank for 6 straight hours, nonstop just like the old days. it was so much fun. we partied with her mom too. so finally we passed out around like 3 in the morning, and woke up to start the celebration all over again. me and ashley made cake, brownies, and she made jello shots that were amazing and we all got trashed and partied once more over at devin and greg's house. which was also very very much fun. then sunday i went out to eat at pizza spiga with my mom and grandparents and my aunt and peoplesssss and i got awesome pizza and then went to visit devin at schlotskeyskafja;wk deli and then went home and slept for gay gay school today. and we had to go to this horrible assembly about drinking and driving and they played a very detailed uncalled for video that grossed me out. but i missed spanish so whateva. then tonight i went job hunting with ashley and we got a job at this place called beantown next to the library in downtown matthews and it seems really nice and i'm so excited. friday at 4:30, come visit me!! :]] now i'm gonna try to do some of my notebook for health and go to sleep again. night kiddos*
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we're tigra and bunny, and we like the boom* [Mar. 12th, 2006|01:43 pm]
[mood |bitchybitchy]

this weekend has been crazy. well actually i guess almost the whole week. long story short crazy stuff happened, and also i got a ticket and then a lady ran into the side of my car. bitchhh! i was turning, and she got impatient and slammed right into the side of me and spun me around and i was freaking out. it was crazy. and now my side hurts but i think i'll be fine in a couple days. kyle's birthday is next sunday so buy her lots of presents or i'll kill you all. HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY KIZZLE MAH NIZZLE FAH SHIZZLE!! flo loves you<3 also spring break starts next friday, i'm soo excited! i'm supposed to go to the beach with louisa but i'm not sure if i can now cuz of all the crazyness this weekend. i just hope i have my car for spring break since that stupid jerk-face ruined it and i can't even roll down the window on the passenger side. blaaahhh :[ poor brian. also adam's back for spring break from app. and i hung out with him last night and it was fun i think were goin to olive garden sometime cuz he has gift certificates from my family from christmas time! haha insane....well i need to go shower and get my hair cut then i'm goin over to devin's. later kiddos*
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(no subject) [Mar. 8th, 2006|08:33 pm]
i hate him i hate him i hate him i hate him i hate him i hate him i hate him i hate kajdfioajewfl;kaewjfoiajwfdsl;aksjdfoiawejrlakwjef;oiajdf
i hate jay.

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(no subject) [Mar. 6th, 2006|09:30 pm]
[mood |draineddrained]

a life without love that's terrible!
no living on the streets, that's terrible..
but love...love is like oxygen, love lifts us up where we belong...all you need is love
please don't start that again
all you need is love
a girl has got to eat
all you need is love
she'll end up on the street
all you need is loooove
love is just a game
i was made for lovin you baby, you were made for lovin me
the only way of lovin me baby, is to pay a lovely fee
just one night, give me just one night
there's no way...cause you can't pay!
in the name of love! one night in the name of love!
you crazy fool, i won't give in to you...
don't!! leave me this way....i can't survive without your sweet love, oh baby don't leave me this way..
you'd think that people would of had enough of silly love songs
but i look around me and i see, it isn't so...oh no
some people want to fill the world with silly love songs...
well what's wrong with that....i'd like to know....cause here i go!......


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(no subject) [Mar. 3rd, 2006|07:44 pm]
[mood |ecstaticamazing]
[music |tom petty]

well it's the weekend again and ... again i'm in another amazing mood. i haven't been upset for a long time, since everybody knows now me and adam broke up a little over a month ago because we both did some stupid shit but i guess you could say we're working through it and we're always gonna be very good friends. who knows what will happen, i love him as much as you can love a person and that won't ever change, he's a wonderful person<3 other than that i've been staying at greg and devin's almost every day of my life because thats just where all of my friends are constantly and it's awesome to know we all can hang out 24/7. i love it. their house is always so much fun and i couldn't ask for a better time with all my friends in one house, doing what we do best... obviously. [party party] i'm soo looking forward to prom, i don't care how far away it is. may 6! i'm so excited to get dressed up and go dancing with my friends, which is also why i can't wait to be 18. i'm going to be out dancing every night possible, i can't wait. 9 more months! i'm back to working at plantation pretty much "full time" again, and i got 2 raises so that's pretty awesome. i love all the people that work there, even though the job sucks more than any other job i could ever manage to get, it ends up being fun most of the time. chris wrenn turned 18 and got the most AMAZING car ever and i'm more jealous than anyone. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTOPHERRRR! :] i'm failing basically every class, but i'm trying to fix that a little at a time. me and milas aren't talking very much any more and it bothers me a lot cuz we were such good friends when we started hanging out but, i guess there's only so much i can do. i'm trying. i know i must of done something to upset him but, i don't know what it is. louisa was sick with the flu and i missed her so much while she couldn't go out, it was awful. but she's all live and well again and we are going to party twice as hard tonight, starting in about an hour actually. i need to go shower and then retrieve an amazing metric cd ashley made for me. then i'm off to devin's for the night. for a wonderful night, for that matter. i love the weekends.
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(no subject) [Feb. 24th, 2006|05:44 pm]
[mood |geekygeeky]
[music |me and lou's mix. awesome to the max]

*greg n ky-

*oh girls-

*aena n jews-

*i made this for my dearest loved one-
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