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we're tigra and bunny, and we like the boom* - don't question why she needs to be so free [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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we're tigra and bunny, and we like the boom* [Mar. 12th, 2006|01:43 pm]
[mood |bitchybitchy]

this weekend has been crazy. well actually i guess almost the whole week. long story short crazy stuff happened, and also i got a ticket and then a lady ran into the side of my car. bitchhh! i was turning, and she got impatient and slammed right into the side of me and spun me around and i was freaking out. it was crazy. and now my side hurts but i think i'll be fine in a couple days. kyle's birthday is next sunday so buy her lots of presents or i'll kill you all. HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY KIZZLE MAH NIZZLE FAH SHIZZLE!! flo loves you<3 also spring break starts next friday, i'm soo excited! i'm supposed to go to the beach with louisa but i'm not sure if i can now cuz of all the crazyness this weekend. i just hope i have my car for spring break since that stupid jerk-face ruined it and i can't even roll down the window on the passenger side. blaaahhh :[ poor brian. also adam's back for spring break from app. and i hung out with him last night and it was fun i think were goin to olive garden sometime cuz he has gift certificates from my family from christmas time! haha insane....well i need to go shower and get my hair cut then i'm goin over to devin's. later kiddos*

[User Picture]From: __trashley
2006-03-13 08:20 pm (UTC)
yeah we are Tigra and Bunny, and we like the cars that go BOOM! apparently we also like preteen boys who look like girls and write complicated lyrics like mm bop. this weekend was crazy all around, but hopefully all will be well in good time.
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[User Picture]From: lets_dance09
2006-03-16 06:44 pm (UTC)
haha oh bunny.
so uh i heard there's a BANGIN' party saturday. heeeelllzzz yeahhhh!
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